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About us

BALORA manages considerable equity investments and supports nineteen different portfolio partners in Europe and Africa. Our corporate investments benefit to a large extent from our growth strategies, which are implemented consistently and in partnership. The portfolio partners were able to significantly improve their market positions and ultimately increase their company value disproportionately.

Our search profile for further company investments is determined by the existence of attractive growth or consolidation potential in the respective industries, as well as by a good market position of the companies with sustainable competitive advantages.

Our philosophy

Die Analyse der Märkte

It is important for us to always convey the basics of good commercial morals. Correct interaction with one another and the reliability of our actions document discretion, reliability and trust within the cooperation.

Geschäftsfrau Sicht

To seek and find further developments, added value and growth potential of a company, requires our sensitivity in dealing with the existing company and employee structures and is based on the well-founded experience that we have made with our portfolio companies.

Business Meeting Diskussion

As part of our standardized decision-making criteria, we offer short-term investment commitments based on clearly defined due diligence parameters. This means that quick decisions are efficient and can be implemented in the interests of both parties.


We always base our partnerships on a basis of trust and act as long-term investors with our future partners on an equal footing.

Hände schütteln

At BALORA, our independence means that we are in a position to exclusively subject our decisions to corporate and clearly defined criteria. This is the basis of trust for the success of all portfolio companies to which we are partners.


Every partnership is different. That is why we always offer our partners creative solutions that are based on compatibility and individuality and target the needs of the individual.

Our offices

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Burgstrasse 28
CH 8750 Glarus

Managing Director: Roland Gehrig







Baarerstrasse 8,
CH 6300 Zug


Operating Manager:  Gunther Siebrecht



C/ Ángel Muñoz, 14, 1º
28043 Madrid



Operating Manager:   Dr. J.- Hinnerk Fauteck

Tel.:  +34 911 993 865

Tel.:  +34 607 778 330

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